Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello my friends! 
Can you feel the weather changing?  Slowly the humidity is leaving and the wonderful breezes are bringing dry, balmy air.  Thank goodness, right?  Now you will enjoy the beaches and all the outdoor events so much more.  It is a beautiful place on earth.  No question.
October was a busy month in my Gallery. I have been working steadily on 3 commissions for clients who will return in November.  It is very challenging and exciting for me as an artist.  I love watching the specific colors and designs thoughtfully come together as each unique composition is completed.  Truly a joy!
The October charity event, “Bling, Baubles and Bubbly” was a huge success.  A special “thank-you” to the jewelry artisans, Renata Vagoda and Lynda VanBibber who exhibited and sold their originally designed artistic jewelry. And a special thanks to all the delightful kind women who participated and generously donated to the charity, “Shoes That Fit".

Happy Thanksgiving!

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