Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lesley Phillips Exhibit Extended

Lesley Phillips abstract impressionist

artwork has been so well received that we are extending her exhibit through April 30.  The vibrant colors she uses creates amazing illusions on canvas.  Her artwork expands the spectrum of creativity in the gallery.

March is almost over!

Sure has been an eventful "season" down here in the Florida tropics.  Lots of folks from up north enjoying the sunshine and beaches.  My new location has worked really well for folks who are bike riding, walking and just out for an afternoon  car ride - they stop by and seem to enjoy the gallery and the "edgy" artwork.  The public accessibility is wonderful!  I really like meeting all the different people and listening to their stories of their homes up north - memories, for sure.  Am starting to plan for the summer - may conjure up some new ideas for the gallery!